Licensing of medical activity in Kazakhstan

Licensing of medical activity is a mandatory procedure for implementation of medical activity within the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Лицензирование медицинской и фармацевтической деятельности

What types of medical activity are subject to licensing?

In accordance with Appendix No. 1 to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Permits and Notifications, the licensing of medical activity shall comprise the following sub-types of activities:

  • Emergency medical care
  • Outpatient care for adults and (or) children according to the specialties
  • Inpatient care for adults and (or) children according to the specialties
  • Taking, conservation, processing, storage, and sale of blood and its components
  • Expert examination of temporary incapacity for work and professional suitability

Licensing stages:

Preparation and collection of the licence dossier
Checking the facility for compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements, departure of an employee of the sanitary and epidemiological service to the facility
Submission of an electronic application and the licence dossier for the issuance of a licence for medical activity
Expert examination of the licence dossier for the compliance with qualification requirements
Preventive control, departure of employees of the Department to the facility
Signing and issuance of the licence for medical activity
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