Certification of medical products Uzbekistan

Certification is carried out for the purpose of controlling the sale of products that are dangerous for human life and health, the property of legal entities and individuals, as well as for the environment; ensuring the competitiveness of products in the world market; creating conditions for the participation of domestic enterprises and joint ventures and entrepreneurs in international economic, scientific and technical cooperation, as well as in international trade; protecting consumers from unfair practices of the manufacturer (seller, executor/contractor); confirming product quality indicators declared by the manufacturer (seller, executor/contractor).


Laws and regulations governing the certification process:

Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Certification of Products and Services”.

The following products are subject to certification:

  • Pharmaceutical products (with the exception of glands and organs removed from the human or animal body and intended for transplantation);
  • Sulfonamides, provitamins, vitamins, hormones, glycosides and alkaloids of plant origin, antibiotics
  • Essential oils and resinoids, perfumes, cosmetics or toiletries
  • Soaps, organic surfactants, detergents, lubricants, artificial and prepared waxes, cleaning or polishing compounds, candles and the like, modelling pastes, plasticine
  • “Dental wax” and gypsum-based dental compositions

Stages of the certification procedure:

Applying for a certificate and checking it
Analysis of the presented product and other documents attached to the application
Making a decision on the application
Preparation and approval of the test programme
Identification, selection, and delivery of samples to the laboratory
ASL sample testing
Analysis of the results obtained, issuance or refusal to issue a certificate of conformity
Registration of the certificate of conformity in the State Register of certified medical products of the Republic of Uzbekistan
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